This past year, ShamRockin' Records has been dedicating all resources to work in association with partners in India. Poorvaa Productions was founded by Pradeep Kumar in August 2014. The mission of Poorvaa Productions is to create a platform on which artists are able to strengthen the connections between all cultures and art forms. Poorvaa aims at exchanging ancient wisdom through music between different cultures.

Poorvaa is still very much an infant. It is taking baby steps towards achieving something that is believed to have happened several centuries ago in India (or “Bharatha varshe” - it was not called India during that time). The idea of oneness is stressed upon in all of the ancient scriptures that has come out of the east. Through many odd twists of fate, Elias of ShamRockin' Records and Pradeep of Poorvaa Productions share a common vision with remarkably different paths. Poorvaa, in its current form is motivated by the idea of taking the immense wealth of knowledge amassed from thousands of years of eastern traditions and sharing them with the west. The hope is to add more and more connections between cultures throughout the world and thereby breaking the borders using art.

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